During my seminar presentations I probably sell the concept of a social media strategy like a salesman, get you on a high and all excited about the potential it brings to you and then leave you on your own to do it.

If you are wanting to start your blog or social media strategy, first thing to do before you set up, is listen. Join Twitter and Facebook and any other social media site you’d like to participate in and listen.

It’s time to create your own masterpiece and dive into the conversation. Once you have decided what you like, then start to engage.

Make sure your information is engaging, challenging and stimulating, continue to listen and join in conversations on other blogs, and you’ll be on your way. Follow the conversations and take note of the way the writer structures the information, more importantly, take note of the content and whether it provides you with really good information or advice that you find useful.

Do this by commenting on blog posts you like, giving a blog writer feedback joins you in the conversation that blog writer is having with his or her readers. Listen to conversations on blogs that are of interest to you and your business or the area you want to enter into.

Now, once you have all the research and are aware of how the conversations take place, is the time to get your hands dirty.

Next, I’ll talk about designing your social media strategy and target market.

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