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Social Media and Twitter - Microblogging on the rise

New studies from the US have confirmed what we all know is happening with Twitter, and that is, it is continuing to generate strong growth in the numbers of people who are using the social media site each month. Each month, there are 18 million adults who access Twitter, that is a growth of over 200% based on their numbers for the same period last year, and the number of users on Twitter will continue to grow in 2010 by another 44.4%, with around 26 million users.

Back in April, most research companies were predicting the number of users to Twitter at around 12 million, but the massive increase in usage has been due to the micro blogging sites strong growth. In June this year, Neilsen On Line reported Twitters unique browser numbers at 21 million, a growth of 2000% on June 2008.

This figure may be on the conservative side as well, given that a lot of Twitter users access the site via text messages, mobile applications and the many desk top application available.

Whilst these number appear to be good news for Twitter, there is another issue that is affecting the site, and that is the large numbers of registered users who never use the site, in fact half of Twitter it seems has never uttered a Tweet.

There could be a more strategic reason for this as well, I know of a number of consultants who register the user names of competitors to stop them from using their company name or brand. They never intend to use the name just block it forever.

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