Whether it’s to stay current, network with other professionals or share content with their peers, human resources professionals are turning to social networking sites to build the skills and expertise that will advance their careers, according to research from PJA Advertising + Marketing and community site Toolbox.com.

Active use of social media has become a vital part of many HR professionals’ careers, with respondents consuming an average of 3.77 hours of social media content per week for work purposes. That topped consumption of online editorial content (2.77 hours) and vendor content (2.13 hours).

Graph showing HR Pros time spent on social networks

HR Pros time spent on social networks

Overall, the survey found that social media made up 43% of total media consumption among HR respondents.

About one-half of respondents said a social media presence helped build their personal brand and made them more valuable as a job candidate.

The most helpful tools for career advancement were professional networks such as LinkedIn as well as best-practice communities, each named by about two-thirds of HR executives.

Graph showing Social Media tools used by HR props

Social Media tools used by HR pros

“HR professionals have been fast adopters of social media, not just for networking but for improving their value as professionals,” said Mike O’Toole, president at PJA Advertising + Marketing, in a statement. “They clearly identify social media channels as a way to increase their expertise and build their professional reputation.”

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