Social networking site Twitter is allowing adverts in its content for the first time.

Companies can now purchase ‘Promoted Tweets’ that will show in Twitter Search results.

It gives advertisers the opportunity to insert themselves into a stream.

Twitter has pledged the ads must be Tweets that ‘reasonate with users’ and only one Tweet will show on each search results page.

Initial customers of the platform include Starbucks, Sony Pictures and US retailer Best Buy.

Twitter is yet to make a profit and this is the first part of a new advertising initiative to rectify that.

The plan is to roll ‘Promoted Tweets’ out further with them appearing in users’ stream of posts.

But the decision to allow adverts has upset some Twitter users.

‘I would pay a flat yearly subscription NOT to have adverts on,’ commented user mommadona.

While creospace said: ‘This isn’t good. Twitter announces adverts as its revenue stream.’

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