As you know I’m constantly on the look out for great people and resources to help our real estate community achieve brilliant results – and there’s someone I want you to experience and I’m picking up the tab!

Michael Sheargold (the legendary real estate performance coach) is running a seminar tour next month on How to be a Super Agent. Now if you’ve worked with Michael before you know his ability to deliver great and super-relevant strategies for you to grow your results.

He’s been helping agents and principals for over 18 years and now you have the chance to work with him, because of my relationship with him and his business.

In fact, it’s rare for Michael to do this kind of public event. Normally his strategies are only shared with his specific coaching clients. So this is a unique and limited opportunity I really want you to take advantage of.

So as a special “thank you” for being part of our community, I’ve organised for you to attend this OUTSTANDING 3 hour seminar next month COMPLEMENTARY (saving you $97)!

All you need to do is click on the link below and validate your ticket as my VIP to save you some money and gain massively from the strategies that can make 2010 your best year in real estate yet!

By the way, Michael is running the seminar in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne plus in South East Queensland. Follow this link for more details – I know you’ll be glad you did!

I know you’ll gain massively from Michael’s seminar – once again, thank you for being part of Mike Andrew Consulting.

P.S. In John McGrath’s book You inc, he says Michael is the most effective business coach on the planet – you owe it to yourself and your family to be there and remember, it’s my shout!

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