Coca ColaCoca-Cola is the latest company to have a social media marketing attempt go wrong.

The company invited fans to post one-word comments in addition to previous posts on the company’s Facebook page, but it ended in customers attacking each other.

‘Here is a little social experiment Add a word to the person above you to create a happy story!’

However the story written wasn’t so ‘happy’ with some of the responses including insults and obscenities, sometimes aimed at other company ‘fans’.

The campaign attracted over 700 responses and the company confirmed that it was forced to delete many of them.

‘Earlier this week, we posted a status update that attracted 781 responses,’ Coca-Cola said. ‘Around 70 responses were removed as they were not in keeping with our ‘house rules’.’

It follows a recent string of botched social experiments in the Australian media.

In October, Qantas launched a Twitter marketing campaign that ended badly, with customers using the hashtag #qantasluxury to insult the company’s customer service.

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