ColesColes has become the latest major brand to experience a social media backlash after posing
the statement: ‘In my house it’s a crime not to buy….’ elicited a string of hostile comments
towards the supermarket.

The retail giant published the tweet from its @Coles account at 8.25pm, but by 9.18pm quickly
back tracked claiming the post was a mistake. It said: “It’s a social media crime not to….. finish a sentence
yourself. Sorry guys that post was not meant for twitter!”

However Twitter users quickly vented their grievances towards Coles which has been gaining
ground on arch rival Woolworths of late through a series of aggressive marketing campaigns including
slashing the price of milk and bread as well as offering heavy discounts on meat.

Comments to hit the Coles Twitter in response to the question included from @TaraMacca: "In my house, its a crime not to
buy LOCALLY- and I don’t mean from a @coles supermarket."

@Pollytics said: "Food from markets while Coles exploits mental illness via pokies." While @downsey stormed: "In my house

Coles joins an increasingly long list of big brands that have found themselves facing a social media storm. Towards the end of
last year Qantas felt the wrath of consumers after launching a promotion using the #QantasLuxury.

What resulted was a string of negative comments about the national carrier’s grounding and safety. Earlier in 2011 Qantas
also landed in hot water for featuring a picture of two Wallabies fans dressed as Radike Samo complete with black face paint
and afro wigs after a launching a competition for fans to dress up as their favourite Wallabies player.

Then just last week a Coca-Cola twitter stunt which asked followers to post one word additions to the previous posters’ comments
went wrong when dozens of offensive and obscene comments were made.

In a similar vein to the #Qantas-Luxury debacle, McDonald’s in the US was bombarded with negative comments after launching the
hashtag #McDStories in order to promote the fast food giants workers and suppliers.

Responses included: “One time I walked into McDonalds and I could smell Type 2 diabetes fl oating in the air and I threw up.”

While another said: “FloppersYF said “I remember when I went to McDonalds. I was in the hospital for a week.”

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