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How can adding a blog to my website help my business? this is a great question to ask, and the answer is simple. Blogs allow you to communicate better with your target market and can build traffic to your web site, not to mention the fact that search engines such as Google really love blogs because of the frequently updated content they contain.

The benefit to Business that a blog strategy provides is:

  • Simple low cost PR – Blogs allow to put information on line quickly.
  • Establish your Expertise – Blogs help Position yourself and your company as the experts in your field and can raise your visibility within your target market.
  • Customer service & relationships – Blogs are your human face and your voice to the public. Blogs allow you to join customer discussions, respond to concerns, provide tips and insights  or    receive feedback about your services or products.
  • Build your online community – Blogs allow you to build a community around your business or product as well as providing an outlet for discussions about you and your business
  • Promotional tool – Because blogs can be updated frequently and are indexed very quickly by search engines, you can use them to create promotions around your brand or service and create a buzz for your products.
  • Higher search rankings – Search engines love blogs and your company can benefit from higher search rankings

You can add a blog to your existing web site or better still, create a separate domain name and use the blog as an add on to your main web site, this allows you to have a conversational site and a formal site sitting together and not having your sites conflict. As long as you are prepared to add content on a regular basis, don’t be surprised if your blog generates more traffic than your web site.

Blogging for business can help you build traffic,communicate and build trust with your customers.

Creating a blog is so easy, if you’d like to get started, contact us now and we’ll set you up with everything you need to start blogging. We’ll give you training and support and help you on the journey to successful business blogging.

Click on the link for more information on learn to blog for business courses or contact us directly at Social Media College Business Blogging Program for more details.

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